Play Free Video Poker Online

Chances of winning

As you know, in order to have the best chance of winning and being able to win permanently, you need to study video poker strategy in detail. But for those of you looking to learn this game, your time will be well invested as most of these machines, almost all offered at the casino, offer players the highest return on investment. If you play video poker, you can almost certainly expect a win if you follow the perfect strategy. The blackjack players who count all the cards are of course a different story.

This game offers great odds and amazing strategic opportunities, whether you are playing at a holiday casino or online. Video poker is a great choice for any online player who wants to enjoy the game and control their fate from all sides.

How to play?

Before starting the game, you need to decide how many credits you want to earn each round. The recommended range is usually between one and five credits. Many online slots also let you decide how much money to spend on each loan. The amount of the prizes will of course depend on the amount you are playing.

After paying off the loan, you will receive your first cards. In almost all versions of video poker, you get a simulated five-card hand, meaning you get five cards from the standard 52-card deck (sometimes one or more jokers are added to the deck). The object of the game is to get the best five-card hand. In order to win a specific prize, you need to deal with a certain set of appropriate cards. The better your hand moves, the more you win. Video poker is more of an imitation than a real game, it attracts a lot of fans and this is mainly due to the variety of unusual variants.


As you’d expect from playing with such simple rules, video poker only requires a basic strategy. You only have two options after getting the initial five-card combination – which cards to skip and which to discard.

Street Flash: Keep all cards as they come out of the car. Take a screenshot: you rarely get rich playing flash piano with a progressive jackpot.

Fullhouse: keep all cards. The third best combination cannot be improved by discarding it.

Flash: Keep all cards, combinations cannot be improved.

Straight: Keep all cards, combinations cannot be improved.

Three: hold three and discard the other two cards.