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Classic Blackjack Rules

Online Blackjack: It’s important to understand not only the minimum and maximum bets at the table, but some general rules as well. To attract players in a competitive environment, some casinos introduce various changes to the classic rules that give players more edge and freedom of action. There are also independent types of blackjack that have well-established names and differ from the classic in the number of cards in the deck, the size of the bonus payouts, and the principle of combination of priorities.

In any case, the online game takes place at a virtual table, on the canvas of which rectangles define the fields for players’ bets. There are blackjack tables with a number of boxes from 7 to 12. Therefore, one or more players can participate in the game, each player has the right to bet on any number of free boxes and thus play several hands at the same time. All cards are face up. Initially, the dealer deals two cards to each betting field and one to himself. Then, one by one, a set of cards is placed on the boxes, after which the dealer collects them himself. The players do not compete with each other in any way, the goal of the game is to beat the dealer on their fields.

Card values ​​in classic blackjack

Classic online blackjack is a game against the casino with a deck of 312 cards (six standard decks of 52 cards). The player aims to score a maximum of 21 points, in the event of a loss, the player’s hand immediately loses and the stake goes to the bank, regardless of whether the dealer has lost or not.

Blackjack combination

The composition of online blackjack is higher than any other hand, even if the deck is 21 points:

  • If the dealer’s first card is neither an ace nor a ten (i.e., dealer’s blackjack is not possible), all blackjack combinations will immediately be 3 to 2 (1.5 to 1);
  • In all other cases, a payout will be made based on the results in the dealer’s deck of cards;
  • An ace with a ten on the dealer’s first two cards is also considered blackjack. In this situation, all players lose on squares that also have “blackjack” – one tie, the other squares.